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Maxford - Made in the USA

Since 2005, we've constantly designed and tested our radio control airplanes in the USA and OEM in China. 2022 is the 18th year of this business and the Covid-19 pandemic, along with the supply chain issue is killing us. If we want to stay in business, we may have to start making our airplanes in the USA.

"Made in USA" is a proud dream, but it has never been easy. In the past 17 years, we've given it lots of thought, but have only ended up making small accessories, never a complete airplane. In California, materials and labor are much higher than OEM in China, and US customers get used to low prices. However, since mid-2021, ocean freight has increased over ten times than before, and our OEM factory also keeps raising its price. The long lead time, paired with no easy quality control, all these make OEM a less beneficial direction to take.

To my knowledge, the last airplane that was made on U.S. home soil was a feat accomplished by someone over 30 years ago. It might be the time to take our manufactory back to the USA and we are willing to take a chance at it.

Our plan is as follows:

Phase 1

We have left lots of broken kits in stock these years and could try to make parts to complete these ARFs. We here know the ways of OEM and have invested in a reasonably sized CNC machine back in November of 2021. This is a significant investment, even cutting better than a laser without a burnt edge and no smoke.

Phase 2

Fiberglass cowls and landing gears are difficult to make here in USA. However, we still have some replacement parts left in stock. We could make all wood parts and add them to complete an ARF.

Phase 3

Improving our design and replacing fiberglass parts with wood or even thin aluminum sheets. This would allow us to finally be able to produce an ARF fully made in the USA.

To achieve this goal, we might need a couple years. Material costs in the U.S. are much higher than in China. Due to the inflation on our warehouse rent and other costs that continue raising. We must first survive and then try to achieve our goal. If you could, please help Maxford make our airplanes in the USA. Your small donation would be a great form of support!

Fly Maxford, support Made in the USA!

Please click here or scan QR code below with your smart phone to donate. 









Thank you for your support! We wish you lots of happy landing!
Richard Sang
Founder of Maxford USA

Items listing below are under our "Made in USA" plan. If it show out of stock, you could still place your order. We will let you know your ETA.

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