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RC Field Box Kit

RC Field Box Kit

RC Field Box Kit 

This field box is special designed for electric RC pilots to hold most of their necessary accessories at the flying field. You could put your batteries on the pre-cut openings on one side, props and screw drivers in the middle, charger or radio on the flat platform on the other side. There is a huge compartment on the side with magnetic door. That is the additional space for other things you may need. There is an optional airplane stand (with additional cost) can be easy attached to your field box. Two thumb bolts will hold them in position. They are adjustable to hold different size airplanes.

It comes as a kit of 21 pcs CNC parts, easy to assemble, an instruction video is available on our YouTube channel as well. Assemble and glue your own field box, make sure it is strong enough and will not fall apart as those imported things. If you prefer we assemble it for you, it can be done with a reasonable labor fee. It is made of 5mm plywood, designed and produced in California.

Field Box dimensions, length 20 3/4", wide 10 1/4", total highness without optional airplane stand 14.

Instruction Video click here 


Optional airplane stand kit click here

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