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Pretty Sailplane ARF

Pretty Sailplane ARF

Pretty 63" (1600mm) Electric Sailplane with Aileron Fiber Glass fuselage. Now pre-installed brushless motor and 18A speed control.


Wingspan: 63 in (1600mm)           
Length: 38 in (960mm)
Motor: Brushless motor (included)
Radio: 4ch.4servos
ESC: 18A (included)
Prop: 8 x 4.5 folding prop (included)
ARF Weight (with motor): 17 oz
Fiberglass fuselage


Instruction Manual click here


Customer Feed back
I flew the Pretty Sailplane today. I installed an E Flight 480 Brushed Motor as the sailplane required some nose weight and installed a Thunderpower 3 Cell 1320 Lipo battery pack, Very Good climb Performance and with our thermal activity in the Phoenix Area I flew for 35 minutes, flight ended because I had to be somewhere, I flew in pretty stiff wind conditions. I only ran the motor once for about 1 minute 15 seconds and flew and flew. I am really pleased with the performance of this Sailplane and its abilities, there should be a write uop in the magazines about this one, I own 12 other powered sailplanes, thats all I have for now after this first flight........Thanks again!!!!

Herb Ross

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