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Gee Bee Model E ARF

Gee Bee Model E ARF

Granville Brothers Aircraft was an aircraft manufacturer in operation from 1929 until its bankruptcy in 1934. They were located at the Springfield Airport in Springfield, Massachusetts. The Granville Brothers, Zantford, Thomas, Robert, Mark and Edward are best known for the production of the three Gee Bee Super Sportster air racers, the Models Z, R1 and R2, which are synonymous with the golden age of air racing.


The Granville Brothers built a grand total of only 24 aircraft, model A, X, B, C, D, E, Y, Z, R-1, R-2 and Q. These days, it is common to find RC versions of the Y, Z and R; however, nobody is currently offering an RC version of the Gee Bee model E. You may see an occasional ‘scratch build’ – but there is no ARF model of the Gee Bee model E available at this time. This may be because the engine and the wing wires are complicated and difficult to make, with the dummy engine being the model E’s main feature.

Only two of the Gee Bee Model Y were aver built, S/N NR718Y and S/N NR11049. One of them (S/N NR11049) was powered by Warner radial engine, which was the same engine used in the Model E. Since we already have Gee Bee Y, we are calling this new ARF a Gee Bee Model E. Their sizes of the Model Y and Model E were somewhat different, but in pictures their appearance is fairly close. The color scheme we selected for this ARF RC model is borrowed from the Model Y S/N NR11049, which is very visible in the air – an important feature to most RC pilots. To maximize our Gee Bee Model E’s scale appearance, it is designed for electric power only. The wingspan will be around 59” – at about 1/5 scale.



Wingspan:  59”

Length:  39 inches

Wing Area: Approx. 529 square inches

Radio: Min. of 4 ch. & 4 mini servos

ARF weight:  3 pounds 10 ounces

Power System:  Min. 400W outer rotor with 4S Li-Po 


Special Features

  • Unique product, only ARF of the Gee Bee Model E available on the market
  • Scale dummy engine
  • Scale wheel pants
  • Battery hatch on the bottom of the fuselage for scale look
  • Included wing wires
  • 2-piece wing design for easy transportation
  • Stick-on decal set

Flying Video  

Video#1 click here
Video#2 click here


Instruction Manual  click here
Addendum click here


Full Product Review
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*By Mr. Markus Gossweiler, Commerical Pilot from Switzerland. 
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