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3D Spirit All Wood 3D Plane V2

3D Spirit All Wood 3D Plane V2

Discontinued Item

This is the new improved version with its legacy of light weight and good 3D aerobatic performance. Its new special features are.

  • Wing changed to one piece design for better 3D aerobatic performance.

  • A large size magnetic hatch added

  • Landing gear was changed to one piece, compare with the V1 2 pieces landing gear, much easier to install and much stronger. It is still in carbon fiber.

  • The tail wheel is slightly larger than V1 and even comes with additional one for back up.


3D Spirit Electric 39" ARF, all wood 3D plane. You may also add the optional lights for night fly. The plane in our picture gallery with 2 sets of lights, you may add as many sets as you want.



Wingspan: 39 in (1000mm)                      
Wing Area: 341 sq. in
Overall Fuselage Length: 31 in (790mm).         
ARF weight : 9.4 oz
Radio required: 4ch. 3 servos, 2 Hitec HS55 mini serov, 1 Hitec HS81 or HS 82MG
Motor required: U28309 or equivalent

ESC required: U25A or equivalent

Battery required: 3S 900~1300 mAh Li-Po

*PVC cowl and carbon fiber landing gear included   Color: Orange and Purple


Product Review of V1

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