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1/5 Vickers .303 Gun

1/5 Vickers .303 Gun

1/5 Scale Vickers .303 Machine Gun

The Vickers water-cooled .303 inch (7.7 mm) machine gun produced by Vickers Limited, originally for the British Army. It served from before the First World War until after the end of the Second World War.

The Vickers gun became a standard weapon on British and French military aircraft, especially after 1916. The famous Sopwith Camel and the SPAD XIII types used twin synchronized Vickers, as did most British and French fighters between 1918 and the mid 1930s.

This 1/5 scale machine gun set was designed to fit our 1/5 SPAD XIII. It also can be use for 1/5 Nieuport-28 or any other close size planes. It's  pre-assembled and painted in USA by 187 parts per pair, comes with scale gun sight assembly (Ring Sight and Back Sight).

Length: 8.66 in
Barrel Diameters: 1 in
Barrel Length: 4.62 in
Weight: 1.5 oz each gun
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