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  • Mentor-G V2024 is now in stock. Made in the USA. click here for details

Maxford USA is such a great company. I’ve purchased quite a few of your models and have never been disappointed. I only want Ed to have a spare set of retracts because I fly the Hawkeye so often. Great customer service. Looking forward to new models in the future. Please feel free to use this response as you see fit. I love Maxford USA!!!!

 - David Turner  - 

RC Pilots Testimonials

Gentlemen....send you several pictures of your PT-17. It is one outstanding ARF  IN ALL Aspects. Very well received by the members of my flying club. 

- Charles Hocking

Oconomowoc, WI -

I am happy that I did the review of Maxford USA Bleriot and would recommend the airplane to anyone with interest in pre WWI aircraft.  It is an excellent start that can be detailed as much as a scale buff wants.  

 - Jim Rice
Former VP of AMA- 

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