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Neptune Boatplane ARF Twin

Price: $215.00
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Manufacturer: Maxford USA

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Neptune Boatplane ARF Twin 
Neptune Boat Plane ARF Twin is the improved twin-engine version of our previous single Neptune. It can be set up for twin 40 size glow or electric. You could also enjoy this airplane on land with the optional landing gear set.
Wing Span: 60 in
Wing Area: 713 Square in
Fuselage Length: 55 in
ARF Weight: 4 lbs
Engine required: two of 2c .46 or 4c .61 or same size motor
Prop required: two of 11x6, 11x7 (2-blade)
Radio required: 4C/6 Standard servos for Glow or 4 servos for EP set up.

Electric Conversion:
Recommend Uranus 35425, 60A ESC and 2 packs of 4S 4,000 mAh 30C Li-Po batteries in parallel.
Instruction Manual
Flying Video EP
Pilot: Jim Feldmann, Curt Sidles  click here

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