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27% Gee Bee Model Y ARF V2

Price: $769.99
Out of stock/Back order
Manufacturer: Maxford USA

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27% Gee Bee Model Y ARF V2  
This item is elegible for Flat-Finished and Fabric Covered option.

The Gee Bee Model Y Senior Sportster was one of the 
famous “Golden Age” racers created by Granville Brothers Aircraft in the early 1930s.  It was a low-wing, strut-and-wire-braced monoplane with open cockpits. To a great extent, it was an enlarged, two-seat version of the single-seat Sportster. Only two were ever built; both were unfortunately destroyed in accidents.

This new improved radio-controlled almost-ready-to-fly (ARF) 27% sport-scale model is based on the full-scale Gee Bee Model Y Senior Sportster. It comes 99% pre-assembled, includes a prepainted fiberglass cowl and wheel pants, and includes a spring-loaded tail wheel to aid in ground handling.

Wingspan: 97 in
Overall Length: 69 in
Wing Area: 1577 sq in
ARF weight: 16.5 lbs
Radio Required: 4ch/4-5s

CG: 5.29" (134.5mm) from the leading edge
New Improvements on this version
Current Version Previous Version
Access to electronics and refuel
Big hatch on top, easy to access for electronic adjustment and/or refuel/recharge

No hatch
Easy at field
easy to assemble/remove the wing with 2 screws and 2 springs. 

Have to flip over the airplane, remove 6 screws on plastic bottom cover and 2 wing bolts.
Landing Gear
Metal wire main gear to prevent broken from side force of landing. Tail wheel is spring loaded.

Aluminum main gear, looks nice, but easy to be broken from side if the landing is not perfect. Mounting on wing panel cannot be repaired in case of  breaking.
Regging and wires
comes with wires, true to scale look. wing wires hold top hatch and offer extra safety to the wing. tail wires are just for scale looking.

No wires at all.
Scale Looking
The hatch, wires, detail dummy engine and 2 seats design make it looks true to scle.

comes with plastic dummy engine only.
Access to Engine/Motor
Maxlok Cowling option make it easy twist and turn to remove the fiberglass cowl.

Have to remove 4 screws to take the cowl off

Instruction Manual

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