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Fabric Covered ARF

Fabric-Covered ARF

Customers may special-order a made-to-order ARF with genuine fabric covering and paint. Each made-to-order ARF is constructed with the same airframe as our normal Mylar-covered ARFs, but covered with fabric and a flat paint in the same, original color schemes (the same decals might be used). Maxford USA fabric-covered ARFs do NOT use old-fashioned silk and dope, which is highly flammable and has fumes that may be a health hazard. The special fabric and paint we use are environmentally friendly. In the event of any wrinkles caused by time and/or temperature, low heat may be applied to retighten the fabric covering as with Mylar. So far, we only offer fabric covering for electric set up.

Samples of Fabric-Covered ARFs
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How to order?

ARFs currently eligible for fabric-covering include Combo options at the right side of their WebpagePlease allow 20-30 days for shipment of your fabric-covered ARF.

The following ARFs are now elegible for Fabric-Covered option.

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1/5 PT-17 Stearman ARF
Price: $455.99
1/5 PT-17 Stearman ARF
1/6 Cub J3 ARF V2
Price: $249.99
1/6 Cub J3 ARF V2
20% Curtiss Jenny ARF
Price: $939.99
20% Curtiss Jenny ARF