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Brushless Motor HC-6320-250

Price: $179.99
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Item Number:
Manufacturer: Himax
Himax 6320-250 Brushless Outrunner Motor     
Accessories (included):
2 - Prop Adapters
3 - Female 4mm connectors
1 - Motor Mount Kit
2 - Hex Keys

-High Efficiency
- High Power
- High Torque
- Lightweight
- Replacement for .90-1.20 cubic inch glow or gas engines

Weight: 450g, (15.9oz), Motor only
Max Power: 1700W, (This is dependent on several factors)
Max RPM: 10,000 RPM
Diameter: 63mm, (2.48”) Length: mm, 51mm(2.01”) Shaft Diameter: 8.0mm (.315”)
Maximum Case Temperature: 65°C, (149°F)

Electrical Specifications:
Kv = 250 rpm per volt
Rm = .041 ohms
Io = 1.3 amps at 20V
Efficient Operating Current = 30-60A Continuous, 80A Max 15 seconds

Recommended Accessories: 80-100 Amp Brushless Speed Control 8-12S Lithium Polymer

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