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P-51 U-Control ARF

Price: $129.99
Manufacturer: Maxford USA

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P-51 U-Control Trainer ARF 

This is an ARF, you will just need to assemble it, not build it! It has already been buit and covered, just install your power system and hook up with your control line. You could set up your power syetem for either glow or electric. Good choice for beginner's 1st U-Control airplane. It also can be a trainer for any advanced U-Control pilot to practice his new maneuver, then your competition airplane will not be in any risk.


Wingspan: 52-inches

Wing Area: 805 sq. inches

Length: 40 inches

ARF weight: 2 pounds and 7 ounces 

Instruction Manual
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*We start to ‘go green’ in 2014 with our Instruction Manuals. The PDF version available on this Website is free. Click the above link to view and/or download and print. A printed copy of the Instruction Manual may be ordered at additional cost in black and white.

Flying Video

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