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.1/5 Nieuport-28 Gas/Glow/EP ARF

Price: $289.99
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Manufacturer: Maxford USA

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You may need these for your Nieuport Project!

1/5 Nieuport-28 Gas/Glow/EP ARF 


The Nieuport 28 was a French biplane fighter flown during World War I. It was designed by Gustave Delage and built by Nieuport, also known as Nieuport-Delage – a French airplane company famous for racers before World War I and fighter aircraft during World War I and between the wars.
The Nieuport 28 was the first aircraft to see service in any American fighter squadron. Declared “surplus” by the French, the Nieuport 28 was offered to the United States and was immediately accepted by the American Expeditionary Force. A total of 297 Nieuport 28s were put into service in the 27th, 94th, 95th and 103rd Aero Pursuit Squadrons. Several well-known WWI American pilots, including 26-victory American ace Captain Eddie Rickenbacker flew Nieuport 28s.
              Eddie Rickenbacker with his Nieuport                         
This model of the Nieuport 28 is a the updated  version of former 22% ARF. It is constructed mainly of laser-cut balsa and light ply, and it is finished with a Mylar film covering patterned after the "Hat in the Ring" aircraft flown by the 94th Aero Squadron’s ace, Eddie Rickenbacker. 
Wingspan: 68"
Wing Area: 920 sq in
Overall length: 56"
Ready-to-fly weight: about 12 lbs
Power System Required: U638109 motor with 100A HV ESC or Glow 90~120 or same size gas engine
Radio Required:  4ch, 5 servos
Special Features:
  • Fiberglass Cowl - Max Cowling
  • Comes with dummy engine, even it is almost invisible from outside.
  • Scale dummy fuel system and air vent
  • Pull-pull rudder
  • Comes with steerable tail wheel
  • Wings can be easy disassembled
  • Comes with wing wires
  • Scale look wheels and decals
*The ARF does NOT include Machine Guns and pilot. You could purchase the special designed 1/5 Vickers .303 Gun.
**For EP set up: Li-Po batteries for electric power may be inserted through the cockpit hatch, slid forward, and carried inside the engine mounting box where a fuel tank would normally go; or the batteries may be placed inside the cowl next to the engine mounting box –the cowl easily comes off with our ‘Max-Cowling’ connection. Placing the batteries inside the cowl will require removal of the propeller to slide the cowl off to charge the batteries.

Instruction Manual
 *We start to ‘go green’ in 2014 with our Instruction Manuals. The PDF version available on this Website is free. Click the above link to view and/or download and print. A printed copy of the Instruction Manual may be ordered at additional cost in black and white.

Flying Video
By Gerald Becker click here
By Mark Wikins click here
By Curt Sidles click here

Our customer Bob Dunlop's flying video to share. Thanks, Bob!
click here

Full Product Review
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