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Neptune Boat Plane Replacement Parts

We still have some V1 parts available as below. Call for price.

Description Quantity Note
Aileron, left,   yellow/red/blue/white 1  
Aileron, right, yellow/red/blue/white 1  
Assembly Manual 1  
Control horns & clevises   (1 set has 4 horns & clevises + bolts) 2 sets  
Cushion tape-strip, adhesive   backed, 16 1/2 inches (42 cm) 3  
Double-sided foam tape, 1 1/2   inch (37 mm) square 4  
Dowl, wood, 5/16-inch dia. x   19 1/2-inches long 11  
EZ-link connectors (5 ea)   & pushrods (4 ea) 2 sets  
Floats, tip, white, 1 set = 2   floats 3 sets  
Fuel tank plumbing package (1   set is missing the clunk) 2 sets  
Fuel tank, 320 cc 2  
Fuselage, yellow/blue/white 2  
Hardware: 2-wing hold-down   bolts; 4-engine mounting bolts; 4-blind nuts 2 sets  
Horiz. stab. with elevator,   yellow/red/blue/white 2 sets  
Nose hatch-plate, white 3  
Nose hatch-plate, yellow 4  
Pedestal, engine mount 2 Wood only (no plastic/fiberglass parts)
Pushrod, metal (1mm x 52cm) in   plastic sleeve (3mm O.D. x 50cm) 1  
Pushrod, metal, threaded one   end, 2mm x 25cm (9 3/4-inch) 2  
Pushrod, metal, Z-bend one   end, 1mm x 45cm (17 1/2-inch) 4  
Pushrod, plastic   (tube-in-tube), 43-inches (109 cm) 3  
Servo covers (plastic   'blisters'), 2 per set 2 sets  
Stick-on markings (4 sheets   per set) 1 set  
Vert. stab. with rudder, white 2 sets  
Vert. stab. with rudder,   yellow/red 3 sets  
Wing joiner for main wing (1   set = 3 pcs.) 10 sets  
Wing mounting plate, plywood,   white 1  
Wing mounting plate, plywood,   yellow 1  
Wing panel with aileron, left,   white 1 Damaged wing tip (repairable)
Wing panel with aileron, left,   yellow/red/blue/white 2  
Wing panel with aileron,   right, white 1 Damaged wing tip & root ribs (repairable)
Wing panel with aileron,   right, yellow/red/blue/white 1 Damaged wing root (major repair)
Wood screws, 26 ea 3/8-inch (1   cm) + CA hinges, 3 ea 1 package  
Misc. wooden parts (for engine   pod assy., etc.)    
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Neptune V2 Engine Pod
Price: $25.99
Neptune V2 Engine Pod
Neptune V2 Wing Panel
Price: $124.99
Neptune V2 Wing Panel
Parts not list on our website
Price: call for availability and pricing
Parts not list on our website