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Mentor-G 83" Trainer ARF V4

Price: $359.99
Out of stock/Back order
Manufacturer: Maxford USA

Great Deal!

You may need these for your Mentor-G Project!
Mentor-G Trainer ARF V4 Made in USA

The Mentor-G is designed as a trainer and for RC pilots who want to use a fuel-efficient gas-powered engine. The Mentor-G is also an excellent test-bed for your first-flights with a new engine, and it is a simple, easy flyer for when you simply want to do some relaxed and economical flying. It is also a good trainer ARF with floats on water.

Wingspan: 83"
Wing Area: 1,187 sq in
Overall length: 60"
ARF weight: about 6.6 lbs
Flying weight: 11.1 lbs (with fuel)
Engine Required: 20~30cc Gas (or equal size electric motor)
CG: 3 3/4" leading edge
Radio Required:  4ch, 5~6 standard servos
* You may set up 2 servos for elevator if you want.

Instruction Manual
Version 3 click here
V2 Addendum #2 click here
V2 Addendum#1 click here
Version 2 click here
Version 1 click here
Flying Video
click here to see Mentor-G video at our You Tube Channel
click here to see Mentor-G with Smoke System
Product Review
click here to read full product review by Fly RC
click here to read full product review by Sport Aviator with lots of detail pictures and flying video.
Customers' Mentor-G

I wanted to let you guys know we had a very successful season with the Mentor flying it at our children's events.  Mentor 1 & 2 had a total of 30 hours of flight time this season with no issues.  In fact, we took one down to an AMA event in Muncie, IN for a children's event there and they want me to write an article featuring the Mentor about building an airplane for the AMA TAG program and how we made it so reliable...

Randall Gibson                                                                                                                                                                      Richard Bean's Mentor-G with Tow Release
MMRCHA                                                                                                                                                               for up 3-meter Gilders

Customers' Videos 

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