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Radio Case V4

Price: Discontinued
Item Number:
Manufacturer: Maxford USA
Aluminum Single Radio Case V4
We carry radio case for years and keep improving the design. This is the new improved version. High quality aluminum frame construction, fire-proof board surface. It fits almost all models of radios and you will still have lots of room for batteries and other accessories.
Improvement of V4:
1. Replaced former thin aluminum surface with fire-proof board to prevent dent and scretch. 
2. Metal mold added to each corner, it will not fall apart when case droped onto the ground.
3. Price is still the same

                                V1 vs V2                                                      V3                                     V4
V1 Radio Case Demisions:13.5"x9"x5"
V2 Rasio Case Demisions:14"x10 1/8"x6 1/8"
V3 Rasio Case Demisions: 14"x10 1/8"x6 1/8"
V4 Rasio Case Demisions: 14"x10 1/8"x6 1/8"