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*WWI Hansa-Brandenburg W.29/Float

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Hansa-Brandenburg W.29 EP 53" ARF Float Version 
This item is elegible for Flat-Fished option.

The Hansa-Brandenburg W.29 German fighter monoplane floatplane was a new type of seaplane evolved by Heinkel during the last months of 1917 and served during the closing months of World War I.

The Hansa-Brandenburg W.29 had a 195 hp Benz engine with exhaust stubs discharging above and to left of the exposed cylinder heads; its front-mounted radiator and louvers in the metal side panels which enclosed the bulk of the engine providing cooling; and its thick, broad wings, made of wood and fabric and rigged with several degrees of dihedral, made it a strong, stable fighting platform.

The struts between the floats and lower wings provided more-than-adequate strength. The depth of its fuselage made up for the lack of a vertical stabilizer, and the inverted position of the rudder gave the observer a wide field to fire his ring mount Parabellum machine gun. Armament consisted of a synchronized Spandau gun on each side of the pilot's cockpit, and the observer shared his cockpit-space with a Parabellum gun on a ring mounting.
Flown mainly on the North Sea, its most famous pilot was Oberleutnant Christiensen (Friedrich Christiansen). With a top speed of 110 mph and excellent maneuverability, the Hansa-Brandenburg W.29 was a worthy adversary against the opposing Short sea planes and Curtiss and Felixstowe flying boats. Moreover, on July 6th, 1918, a formation of Hansa-Brandenburg W.29s led by Christiansen made a surprise attack the British submarine C25 they discovered on the surface; the submarine's motors were quickly put out of action and many of the crew, including its Commanding Officer, became casualties.
It has hydro and ski version, our RC W29 also offer both of them.
1. Prepainted cockpit assembly allows easy access and is secured by alignment pins and powerful magnets.
2. ARF comes with scale dummy-engine and nose-mounted radiator.
3. Scale landing gear struts with customer’s choice of either floats or skiis.
4. Optional military weapons upgrade package (includes pilot figure, three scale machine guns and machine gun mounts.
5. Optional land-mobile/display upgrade kit with spoked 2½-inch scale wheels.
Wingspan: 53-inches
Wing Area: 530 sq. inches
Length: 43-inches
ARF weight: 2 pounds and 8 ounces
Flying weight (with radio and recommended power system): 3 pounds and 10 ounces
Power System (not included): U35425 Motor, 60A ES and one 3S/2100 mAh Li-Po 20C battery 
 Propeller (not included): 11x6, 11x7
Radio system (not included): 4 channels with 4 mini-servos
*ARF comes with dummy-engine and nose-mounted radiator, scale machine guns, pilots and scale land-mobile are optional.
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Flying Video
See skis video here.
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