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Gee Bee Model Y ARF V2.1

Price: $145.99
Out of stock/Back order
Manufacturer: Green Model

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Gee Bee Y EP 40"  ARF V2.1 

This item is elegible for Flat-Finished option.

Gee Bee Y Version 2.1 officially released on May 15, 2009. There are 2 major improvements based on version 2. Retail price of V2.1 is still the same as V2.
  1. Max-Cowling Ring was added to the ARF, customers have option to use this ring to attach the cowl the fuselage without any screws from out side of the cowl for better scale look.
  2. V2.1 ARFs come with motor box, make it easier to install the motor.


Check here for more details from our new written instruction manual.

Our price is still the same, ARF $145.99
This is another high quality "Golden Age" scale plane we offer for scale RC modelers. The ARF kit  is 99% pre-assembled in our factory, comes with fiber glass cowl and wheel pants, spring loaded aluminum scale landing gear, even the tail wheel is spring loaded too.
Wing Span: 40 in
Overall Length: 30 in
Wing Area: 306 sq in
Ready to fly weight: 28~32 oz
Radio Required: 4ch/4s
Prop Required: 10x4.7, 10x5/6
3 colors available, red/white, yellow/black, red/black

2 3/8" (60mm) from the leading edge
Control Throw:
Ailerons - 27mm up and down
Elevator -  25 mm up and down
Rudder - 30mm up and down
Brushless Combo comes with Gee Bee Y ARF, Uranus 28309 brushless outrunner motor and 25A brushless controller.
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Flying video
Click here to see Gee Bee vidoe at our You Tube Channel
Customer Feedback:

I just got mine and it is one of the BEST ARF's I have seen. Thanks!!!!!!

Gee Bee RCU

I want to say, this is a great guy to work with, I ordered mine and received it yesterday and this is a nice looking ARF. Looking forward to test fly this weekend. Thank you. I will probably order the other colors to go with it. Love the Gee Bee's.

Again Thank you for the great service and product.

Marty Downing


About full scale Gee Bee Y
Gee Bee Model Y Senior Sporster is one of the famous racers of Granville Brothers Aircraft. There were 2 built and both of them were destoryed. Our Gee Bee Y radio control model airplane was designed from the full scale Gee Bee Model Y Senior Sporster.
Here is the list of all planes built by Granville Brothers Aircraft.
  • Model A biplane(nine built, two exist)
  • Model X Sportster flown in the Cirrus Derby (one built, Crashed September 1931)
  • Model B Sportster with a Warner radialengine (one built, Rumored to have been used in the Spanish Civil War, Still flying in late 1940s in Spain)
  • Model C Sportster, Menasco in-line engine (one built, destroyed at an air show crash)
  • Model D Sportster with in-line Menasco Engine (one built, Crashed bailing out)
  • Model E Sportsters with Warner radial engine (four built, all destroyed)
  • Model Y Senior Sportster, (two built, both destroyed)
  • Model Z Super Sportster - Pratt & Whitney"Wasp" powered (one built, destroyed)
  • Model R-1 Super Sportster- Pratt & Whitney"Wasp" powered (one built, destroyed)
  • Model R-2 Super Sportster- Pratt & Whitney"Wasp" powered (one built, destroyed)
  • Model R-1/2 Super Sportster- Pratt & Whitney"Wasp" powered, built from remains of the R1 and R2 (one built, destroyed)
  • Gee Bee QED- Pratt & Whitney "Wasp" powered (one built, crashed and rebuilt, retired to a museum)
Read more back ground
Gee Bee
-The Real Story of the Granville Brothers and Their Marvelous Airplanes
By Henry A Haffke
*If you are interest to buy this book, please contact Author Henry Haffke. Tel: 518-899-6619

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