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Antonov An-2

Price: $269.99
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Manufacturer: Maxford USA

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Antonov An-2 

This item is elegible for Flat-Finished option. 

The Antonov An-2 (nicknamed "Annushka" or "Annie" and NATO reporting name “Colt”) is a single-engine biplane utility and agricultural aircraft that was designed in the USSR in 1946. The AN-2 saw use as a light utility transport, a parachute drop aircraft, an agricultural work aircraft and many other tasks suited to such a large slow-flying biplane. Its slow flight ability made it suited for short, unimproved fields. Some variants were built for cold weather and other extreme environments. The Guinness Book of World Records states that the 45-year production run for the AN-2 was for a time the longest ever, for any aircraft – exceeded only recently by the Lockheed C-130 Hercules.

By 1960 the USSR had produced over 5,000 of this aircraft. Since 1960, most AN-2s have been built at Poland's WSK factory in the city of Mielec in south-eastern Poland, with over 13,000 made there before full production ended in 1991. Limited production from parts stocks, as well as spares and maintenance coverage continued until 2001, when four were produced for Vietnam. China also builds the AN-2 under license as the Shijiazhuang Y-5.

The RC version we designed is approximately 1/11 scale, with a 62” wingspan and is designed for the customer’s choice of glow or electric power systems. True to the original, this AN-2 will be available in both land and water versions.


 Special Features 

  1. Unique product, only ARF of the AN-2 available on the market
  2. Wings are easy to remove for transportation  
  3. Big canopy hatch
  4. Available in land and float versions
  5. Customer’s option to use electric or glow power
  6. Stick-on decal set


Wingspan:  62”

Length: 42"

Wing Area:  739 square inches

Radio: Min. of 5 ch. & 6~7 mini servos

ARF weight:  4 pounds 10 ounces 
(land and floats will be similar weight, just add floats weight)

Flying Weight: Land Version - around 6 lbs, Floats Version - around 8 lbs

Power:  Min. 400W outer rotor motor or .40-class 2-cycle glow engine


Instruction Manual
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click here

Product Review 
RC Universe Review click here

Flying Video 
RC Universe Review Video click here
Official Release Video click here
Prototype clich here

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