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Bristol Fighter F2B ARF Project

Price: Project Finished
Out of stock/Back order
Manufacturer: Maxford USA

Bristol Fighter F2B ARF

The Bristol Fighter was a World War I two-seat biplane fighter and reconnaissance aircraft designed by Frank Barnwell. Nicknames included the ‘Bristol Fighter,’ the ‘Brisfit,’ or simply the ‘Biff.’

Although a two-seater, the F.2B was fast and maneuverable enough to be flown in combat like a single-seat fighter and more than held its own against the opposing single-seat German fighters. The pilot's fixed forward-firing .303 inch Vickers machine gun was the F.2B’s principal weapon; the observer's flexible .303 inch Lewis Gun served an additional "sting in the tail." The F.2B could also carry up to 240 pounds of bombs.


The Bristol project was first recommend by Mr. Gart Hansford from Dubai UA, one of Maxford USA’s valued customers. This ARF will be approx. 1/6 scale, with a 70” wingspan and is designed for the customer’s choice of glow or electric power systems.


 Special Features 

  1. Special Features
  2. Wings are easy to remove for transportation
  3. Scale fiberglass cowl
  4. Big canopy hatch
  5. Side mount elevator servos for great control and scale look
  6. Stick-on decal set
  7. Optional scale machine gun set



    Wingspan:  70”

    Length:   60 inches

    ARF weight:  Approx. 8 pounds

    Power System:   Glow 90~120 or 26cc Gas, or equivalent electric motor power system

    Radio System:  4 channel, 5~6t servos

    Project Kickoff Date:  August, 2011

    ETA release:  Spring 2014

    Target retail price: $389.99

    Current Status:  

    • April 2013, prototye #3 received
    • March 24th, prototye #3 ready to ship
    • Late Dec. started to make prototype #3
    • Mid Dec. EP set up test fly
    • Sept. 5th, Prototype#2 test fly
    • Now producing  Prototype #2 
    • August 20th, 2012,  Prototype #1 test report and changing summary
    • July 2012, Prototype #1 made

      Instruction Manual  -pending

      Flying Video  
      Prototype #3 Test Fly Video click here
      Prototype#2 Test Fly video click here