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Gas Engine

Maxford USA Certified CRRC Engines
Maxford USA is a serious RC product manufacturer and distributor. We always stand behind the products we sell. There are many brands of Chinese engines on the market besides CRRC; but there are three primary reasons we have chosen to carry following CRRC’s products. First, they are one of the most mature RC plane/boat engine manufacturers in China. Second, they have been willing to work with us to provide services for their engines. Third, they have the integrity to not copy other people’s products, or at least they do not try to benefit by falsely associating themselves with any other famous brand names.


There are some other dealers who sell CRRC engines too and much cheaper; so, why I should buy from Maxford USA?

CRRC has some other dealers in the United States, but only Maxford USA QC-tests every CRRC engine, ignition module and even each of the sensor cables at our facility in Paramount California before shipment, and we assign each engine a unique serial number and provide in-house service exclusively for our customers, supported by our extensive inventory of spare parts. What we sell are Maxford USA Certified CRRC Engines. When you buy from Maxford USA, you are 100% sure of receiving a good engine.


Is there any warranty for CRRC engines?
The manufacturer offers a 1 year Limited Warranty supported at their factory in China, if you purchase from other dealers. Only Maxford USA Certified CRRC Engines are sold with a one year Maxford USA Limited Warranty that we administer and fully support at our facilities in Paramount California.  Parts and labor services for CRRC engines are also available at Maxford USA in Paramount California after the warranty has expired. For any paid repair service done by Maxford USA, customer will have 30 days warranty for the repair.
Engine Service Policy:
Your new Maxford USA Certified CRRC engine comes with a one year limited warranty. Most in-warranty services are performed at Maxford USA’s office in Paramount, California. We also service CRRC engines that are out of warranty. If your CRRC engine has not been certified by Maxford USA, you need to follow the manufacturer’s warranty policy or we will treat your engine as out-of-warranty.
The Maxford USA Limited Warranty service covers all reasonable parts and labor costs for repair. The customer is responsible for the cost of shipping and insurance to us. Maxford USA is responsible for shipping the engine back to you. You must contact us to get a return-merchandise authorization number (RMA#) before you send us your engine for our evaluation. The RMA# must be shown on the shipping box. Any engine sent without an RMA# will be refused and returned to you at your cost.

The Maxford USA Limited Warranty for CRRC engines extends only to the original consumer purchaser and does not cover: Damage caused by crash, abuse, misuse, alteration, or accident; improper handling, operation, maintenance, modifications, fuel or any damage caused by customer’s effort at disassembly or the customer’s installation and use of any parts or accessories (spark plug, prop, etc.);
any modification to or disassembly of the engine or its ignition system or any use of the engine for a purpose for which it is not specifically intended will automatically void the warranty; if the engine is involved in any accident or if you attempt to disassemble and/or repair the engine yourself, the warranty will also be considered void.

Out of warranty service: The customer is responsible for the shipping and insurance costs to us and back to you. The cost for the engine’s incoming and initial inspection will be $40. Inspection may take 2 to 5 days, then we will provide you, the owner of the engine, with a report of our findings and a price quote for repair. You may then decide if it you want us to proceed with the repair. When completed, the repair invoice will be charged for parts and labor. The repair will have a 30-day warranty. However, if you decide to decline our estimated cost for the repair, your engine will be shipped back to you at your cost.
Before you call for service, please click here to read the self check list and trouble shooting tips.