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Albatros D.III EP 40" ARF

Price: Discontinued
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Manufacturer: Maxford USA
The    Albatros D.III EP 40" ARF
             The Albatros D.III was a single-seat biplane used by the Imperial German Army Air Service and the Austro-Hungarian Air Service during the First
             World War.  It was heavily armed with twin synchronized, forward-firing 7.92 mm LMG 08/15 machine guns and powered by a 180 hp Mercedes
             6-cylinder inline, water-cooled engine (unusual for the time), and its streamlined radiator, mounted on the top wing, was offset slightly to starboard
             so that combat damage would not result in scalding water being released over the pilot.
The prototype D.III first flew in August 1916 and was quickly recognized for its outstanding maneuverability and rate of climb.  Like most fighters,
the D.III was prone to spinning.  However, its recovery was straightforward, and German aces including Manfred von Richthofen, Ernst Udet,
Erich Löwenhardt, Kurt Wolff, and Karl Emil Schäfer credited the D.III as being both pleasant and easy to fly.
The RC Albatros is based on the full scale D.III and we tried to add as many details as we could, such as the dummy water cooling engine system
(assembled with 91 parts), wing wires, wing mounted scale radiator and a lot more. It is designed to be a RC scale-sport model, not a display model. We
have to leverage scale appearance and RC performance, which is not an easy job. We also add some functionality which was not included on the full-
scale Albatros, like the shock-absorbing landing gear and tail skid, to help on any not-so-perfect landings. There are lots of carbon fiber materials
used for the light weight construction.
Wingspan: Upper    40 inches         Lower    39 inches
Wing Area: Upper    265 sq. inches        Lower    152 sq. inches
Length: 30 inches
Flying weight: 30~33 oz.
Brushless motor
(Not included): 166 Watts, 1,200 RPM/V
                                (Recommend Maxford USA C2812-1200 to fit the special designed over size spinner)
Brushless electronic speed control w/BEC (Not included): 18 A
 (Recommended electronic speed control:  Maxford USA Uranus 18 A or equivalent)
Propeller (Not included): SF 9×6
(Not included): 11.1V,  1,300~2,100 mAh, 15C Li-Pobattery
Radio system
(Not included): 4 channels with 4 mini servos
  *Scale dummy-engine, wing-mounted radiator and machine guns.
  *Shock-absorbing, spring-loaded landing gear and tail skid.
  *True-to-scale, large-sized spinner.
  *Completely pre-covered & pretrimmed, with all control surfaces prehinged and all mounting openings predrilled/precut.
  *Each aileron is separately operated by its own, in-wing servo.
  *The battery hatch is strongly secured by a rare-earth magnet.
ARF kit comes with 

·  Fuselage with magnetic battery hatch, pushrods with Z-bend connectors.

·  Left & right wing with preattached interplane struts, preinstalled guy wires, and wing joiner rods.

·  Vertical and horizontal stabilizers with prehinged rudder and elevator.

·  Preformed and spring-loaded landing gear, wheels, wheel collars and spring loaded tail skid.

·  All required control horns and self-threading and machine-type screws.

·  Over-sized scale spinner.
·  11 pages illustrated detail instruction manual.
*The ARF does NOT come with windshield.
Instruction Manual click here
Instruction Manual Addendum click here
Spinner Assembly Details click here
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Please see on the AMA Website - click here, at approx. 2 minutes and 22 seconds into the video: Robert Hoot Gibson, who commanded
and piloted the space shuttle five times and is a member of the Astronaut Hall of Fame is also an AMA member, is shown flying an
Albatros D.III from Maxford USA.
Flying Video
Click here to see Albatros video at our You Tube Channel
Click here to see Albatros video by RC Groups viewer Michale Heer and Jeff Hunter
Optional 3" Vintage Style Spoked Wheels
See the different looking of the Vintage Style wheel and default scale wheel on Albatros.

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